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Aluminum foil

Deyuan Metal Foshan Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2016
Source: Aluminum foil

An aluminum directly rolled into thin sheets of metal stamping materials, hot stamping effect with sterling silver foil stamping is similar, it is also called the false silver leaf. Because of the softness and malleability of aluminum, has a silvery luster, if delayed slices, made with sodium silicate material mounted on the uncoated paper, such as aluminum foil, can also be printed. But the foil itself oxidized and dark, friction and touch will fade, therefore does not apply to long-term preservation of the books cover such as printing.

In order to improve the efficiency of rolling and aluminium foil product quality, modern aluminum foil mill to large volume and wide width, high speed, automation of the four directions. Modern aluminum foil mill roll width up to 2200mm or more, rolling speed of over 2000m/min, volume reached more than 20T. Corresponding mill automation level has greatly improved, universal installation system (AGC), the majority of shape meter is installed (AFC). Aluminium foil industry is facing a period of high-speed development.

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